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Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest in Tspherix. I provide computer repair in North Georgia, including on-site repair, backup and recovery, removing viruses, building new systems, and remote diagnosis and repair to anywhere in the world.

I strive to provide you with a quality of service that not only competes with larger corporations but goes above and beyond customer expectations- offering outstanding products and services at a fraction of the cost. My philosophy with Tspherix is personalized computer repair services customized for you, without the red tape and added expense that comes with corporate monstrosities. With competitive rates and unmatched attention, my goal is to be the only computer service assistance you need again.

Why the Tspherix name? What does it mean, how is it pronounced? …

What’s in a name? Well, like any name, it’s a symbol to help you remember me and chosen to frame an association that makes sense. I had considered using my last name Severino as part of the company name, but it wouldn’t necessarily resolve the primary issue, as it seems to prove as much a challenge to pronounce as Tspherix! I ultimately decided to go with my gut and stick with what came to mind originally: Tspherix. Unique, and not entirely impossible to pronounce.

The pronunciation is simply the word sphere and the sound icks. or,

Click the play arrow for an example pronunciation.

The important thing is this: you recognize our good computer repair services in Cherokee Georgia not only because the name is unmistakable and unique, but also I’m certain that you’ll come to find my service and personal attention to your computer needs just as rare.

For new customers, we strive to deliver quick and easy personalized services without the long lines or hassle. For customers already familiar with Tspherix, we thank you for your returning business, and promise continued good services and fair prices. We primarily serve North Georgia in Cherokee County and Canton as well as the rest of North and Central Georgia. With our remote services we are able to serve around the world!

Thank you!

If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to contact me by phone or email for any questions or comments. Thank you.

Computer Repair – Cherokee/Canton – Tspherix Computer Repair and Design.
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