Custom Computer Builds

Are you looking to build your computer from scratch?

Let Tspherix build your dream computer!

We can completely customize a computer for your needs. Whether it is the ultimate gaming computer with the most powerful current possibilities, or something specific for work like a video editing and compositing system– we can help you build exactly what you need.

There’s a lot that goes into knowing the right components and the right suppliers to purchase from for your ideal computer. Everything from the type of Ram, Ram speed,  Ram amount, to Hard drive speed and capacity, Motherboard features and capabilities, there are a lot of choices. Choosing the right video card and CPU all give varying results. You might think that simply buying the latest, fastest variation for every component makes sense, but depending on your needs, you could overspend by hundreds, if not thousands without noticeable performance benefits in many cases. The best way to get the most from your computer for your specific work or play, is to get in touch with Tspherix today!

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