Tspherix remote computer support

Remote support connection – Get it fixed without leaving the home or office.

Computer troubles? Need support quick but can’t or don’t want to unplug your computer and transport it? Or maybe you just don’t want to deal with anyone in person today?

No problem.

I can help get your computer back up and running with our remote support services.
Easily get back on your feet by remotely connecting with us to diagnose and resolve computer problems. This is a safe and immediate solution for resolving your computer issues.

Call 404-697-2024 to schedule an appointment or send us an email Tspherix@gmail.com and let us know what problems you are experiencing. We’ll send you an invitation to connect and this will allow me to remotely connect to your computer for help. We will send you directions and a link to get started.

–Quick and easy solutions for issues of all kinds.

Get back to computing in no time. We’re up late, so call any time!

You must have a working internet connection for remote help. Remote access to your computer is only possible during the diagnostics period- Tspherix will have no access to your computer or files after the remote session expires. Your computer and data is safe and you are able to see the process as the remote cursor moves on your screen. Please call with any questions or concerns. 


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